The key focus of the iCARE model and its family of brands is to provide resources and offer informed, cost-saving solutions to individuals, organizations, and the local community. We specialize in medically necessary housing, medically necessary home modification, aging-in-place options, and other special need housing situations.

In establishing a simple under-one-roof approach, we commit to advocacy for those who are elderly, disabled, or otherwise experiencing physical hardships or impairments as well as for their families and the organizations established to help meet their needs.

“Needs Specific” Housing

The world we live in is constantly changing, and how we address certain housing issues is no different. There are people that need adjustments to their homes in order for them to stay at home or return after medical treatment. There are also many people displaced for several various reasons that require unique solutions. That is where we come into play. We excel at creating unique solutions and options that are sometimes out of the box, but are very effective and affordable.

Medically Necessary

We are building a network of trusted, experienced, and talented contractors and builders to help provide real solutions for medical necessary home modification.

This means we can create a workable living environment so your loved one can come home from the hospital or rehab facility.


We are creating a network of hospitality professionals that own hotels, motels, campgrounds, and resort destinations.

Whether it is for a vacation, family visit, or for short term & long term housing; we have worked to make sure that these facilities are completely accessible and create a comfortable stay.

Transitional &
Alternative Housing

We are developing partnerships with rental homes, apartment complexes, and other various properties in order to create transitional housing and unique long term housing.

Many of these properties are equipped for accessible living and offer an alternative to traditional care facilities.

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